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This one feels like a no-brainer to us. As entrepreneurs with a strong eye for visuals, we love dreaming up something new and unique for every single client. Why? Because repetitive branding and design are stale and unattractive, two things we and your business aren’t. Plus we’re just as dedicated to inspired, artistic expression as we are to running a successful, value-driven company. 


We know what it feels like to do it alone. And we’re dedicated to making sure the entrepreneurs we partner with never experience that. So if you’re looking for designers to bounce ideas off, friends to grab coffee with, or need post-project support, we’re your girls. Trust us, nothing drives our work more than the friendships we get to form. Let’s do this together. 


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. We’re better when we’re working together. We believe in the bonds of sisterhood (literally and figuratively) so connecting with our clients and making sure that collaboration is woven throughout our creative journey in a multitude of ways, from frequent feedback to strong communication, is core to our business. 

Meet Marielle & Michelle

Best Friends, Sisters & Business Partners

Michelle and Marielle spent years searching for the right career path. One that would bring flexibility, fulfillment, and the opportunity to work with others. As time went on, they became curious about other people’s professional journeys. How did they end up working jobs they loved? How do they create a healthy work-life balance? How do you create a career that isn’t isolating? Surely they couldn’t be the only two struggling to find a way forward. After discovering entrepreneurship in the online space, the two sisters fell in love with the idea of starting a branding and web design business that revolved around creativity, community, and collaboration. Today Michelle and Marielle run Elle and Elle Designs Co and have the opportunity to partner with ambitious female entrepreneurs across the globe to bring them support in branding, Showit web design, and friendship. 


dog lover, punk rock fan, adobe creative nerd + loves naps. Michelle is your brand strategist and designer. Naturally skilled in artistic expression, she loves diving deep into your brand and building the solid strategic foundation that will build your business and also perfectly represent your personality and values. 

Love Michelle


Lover of all things aesthetically pleasing, connoisseur of 80’s hits, is consistently watching the most cliche romance movies. Marielle is your personal website designer and Showit developer. Her eye for detail and love for building layouts makes her perfect for her job. She gets excited when concepts transform into websites and her clients expand their impact because of it. 

Love Marielle

Fun Facts

About this Brand Strategy and Showit Web Design Team

We’re related, but very different (which is why we work so well together) Marielle is an extrovert and Michelle an Introvert

Our family was asked to be on the Titanic when they were filming the movie

We’ve lived in the US, Norway, and the Canary Islands

We’re currently living the island life and loving it

Yes, we get to do your brand strategy and web design from the beach some days

No, we don’t think we could ever go back to normal life or a 9-5 after exploring the joys of entrepreneurship

 Words From A Kind Friend

"I loved working with Marielle and Michelle! They are a powerhouse of a sister duo and are incredibly sweet!"

Mariah Shealy - Social Media Manager

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